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We offer structured daycare for your dogs while you are busy. Our program offers dogs socialization, exercise and a change of scenery from the day to day. Dogs are rotated into the fully air conditioned play room, yard for potty time and kennels for a rest period throughout the day.  We do our best to safely integrate them into a play group after temperament testing. Our daycare areas feature fully air-conditioned play rooms. Fresh water and toys are always available. Our staff keep the areas clean and monitor play on CCTV.

Drop Off & Pick Up Times for daycare

Mon-Fri 8am to 5:30pm

Saturday 8:30am - 4:30pm

No daycare on Sunday

Daycare Prices 


Daycare package: $250 for 11 days worth of package credits (10% effective discount). Valid for 4 months.

No dogs with bite history can be allowed in play group. All dogs must be spayed or neutered to be in play group.


Doggie Staycation!

While you are away doing whatever humans do, your doggies can stay safe and comfortable at TheK9Inn! Our newly remodeled facility features a solid surface yard with lots of shade, an air-conditioned playroom with rubber flooring to protect the joints and spacious kennels. Since we do daycare also, we offer to let dogs play with other friendly dogs if their human so wishes.

Outside of play time, dogs enjoy private kennels ranging from 4x4 to 6x6 Lodges with built in food and water trays and TVs playing soothing doggie programming.  

Our goal is not only for a safe place for your dog to stay, but also to let the fur kids socialize, learn to play nice, that being away from you is not a reason to stress, but a fun time with structure. In the evening, we want the doggies to be tired, comfortable with a full belly and sleep soundly through the night. 

Drop Off & Pick Up Times For Boarding

Mon-Fri 8am-12pm and 3pm-5:30pm

Saturday 8am to 5pm, Sun 2pm-4pm

We ask dogs to be dropped off for boarding no later than 4:30pm as to allow the dogs time to get settled in and get dinner before lights out. 

Prices for Boarding

Dogs under 50 lbs:

$25/day ($23/day per more than one dog. The check out day is not discounted.)       

A private suite with a doggie cot, soothing audio sounds to give the comfort of your home and feeding instructions to be followed like home.

Dogs over 50 lbs. or extra space for smaller dogs: 

$35/day ($33 each for 2+ dogs. The check out day is not discounted.)

A private suite designed for the larger varieties with cot or blanket, food and water bowl, Doggy Tv or calming music.  

Well socialized dogs may join a play group.

We charge by the day and are very flexible regarding drop off and pick up times. Pick up before noon and that day is not charged (Sundays always billable)

Value Added Services

$6 per day kennel food. We feed Pure Vita Duck and Oats (high quality grain free)

$3 - Kong full of peanut butter for a lunch treat

$3 - Pup cup frozen treat made just for dogs

$6 - Calming treats 

$8 - Individual Playtime - 15-20 minutes of one-on-one time with team member

Price varies- Groom while boarding: Return from your trip to be reunited with a clean, trimmed and more cuddlable dog!

Reservations      Book Now 

Reservations are required for all services to ensure a booking, up to date vaccination records for Rabies, Bordetella and Dhpp are required by the time of check in. Reservations can be made by phone, email, or web. A 7 day notice must be given for cancellation in order to receive a refund for deposits. A 3 day minimum and a 20% deposit (applied toward balance) is required for peak times below:

Memorial Day

July 4th



New Years'


We offer Premium level Spa services featuring top quality products and tools. Grooming services include two rounds of top quality, lightly scented shampoo on the body and tearless facial cleanser, a round of conditioner massaged for 5 minutes and a leave in conditioner. Baths include a nail clip and ear cleaning as needed. Hypoallergenic, medicated or other specialty products upon request. Mini Grooms include the above and a feet, face and fanny trim or sanitary trim depending on breed and condition, a brush and blow out. Full Grooms include the above bath, sanitary trim, nail clip, ear cleaning and a full hair cut per breed standards and of course a full brush and blow out. Optional add-ons offered are Nail Dremel/ File, teeth cleaning, and breed specific procedures such as Poodle face and feet, ear pluck.

-Luxury Baths-

$25* - Small short hair under 10 lb

$30* - Small over 10lb

$35* - $40* Medium 

$40* - Large short hair

$55* - Large long hair

$60* - XL (70 lb+)

Brush outs/deshedding - add $15*

Some coat types require a full brush out after baths to prevent tangles and make them look their best. For example: Poodle and doodle, German shepherds, golden retrievers. We use high quality tools and supplies during our very popular bath and brush out service. Our deshedding service removes old and dead follicles while protecting and conditioning healthy fur. Adding a sanitary trim is recommended to keep the dog cleaner longer. 

Sanitary trim -  $15

trim base of tail down between legs to navel as needed to keep dog clean longer.

Procedure varies by gender and breed. 

Add face and feet + $5 to complete a Mini Groom

Nail Dremel - $20 

We use a top quality Diamagroove diamond bit that is much safer than any other dremel bit and dissipates heat rather than cheap sandpaper bits that heat up the dog's nail causing discomfort.  We find that this is the safest and most tolerable technique for the dog and have had great success trimming nails on dogs usually very much against the idea. 

*Prices may vary - additional fees will be added based on difficulty (Medical or behavioral issues, matted fur, etc.) or breeds with particular needs.

-Full Grooming Services-

We groom dogs of all sizes including working dogs and show breeds. We pride ourselves in providing a high level of expertise and professionalism in our care for dogs in a low stress, one on one service rather than a high stress assembly line type grooming operation.  Grooming is a labor of love that goes far beyond shaving dogs. We love making your long and fluffy coated dogs look and feel like you have never seen before!

Costs vary depending on a number of factors not limited to breed and service requested. Small dogs start at $60.

Our service includes top of the line products and tools. Grooming includes bath consisting of 2 rounds of shampoo and conditioner, cleaning ears, trimming nails, facial, sanitary trim and full body hair cut as needed depending on breed. We groom according to breed standards and pet trims, of course allowing for customer preferences. 

If you are interested in being added to our client list for grooming, please call us asap as we tend to stay booked out 8-10 weeks. We are accepting new clients for a regular grooming schedule of 10 weeks or less.

Missing an appointment would likely lead to going over the maximum 10-week interval and being dropped off our client list. 

-Appointments-          Book Here 

Appointments are required for full-service grooming and boarding. An email and/or text will be sent as a courtesy reminder.  We ask 24-hour notice must be given for cancellation or rescheduling. Within 24h of appointment is considered a 'no show' and $20 will be charged. Arriving 15 minutes+ late incurs a no-show fee. 

Boarding reservations require a deposit.


We follow all applicable laws and rules pertaining to dog kennels in Georgia. Vaccinations are required in order to house a dog in kennel: Rabies, Bordetella and DHPP. 

Boarding and daycare fees are per day. Each additional boarding day is billed at noon. For example: Your dog checks in at 9 am on Thursday and out at 4pm on Friday. Both days are billed. A $50 Boarding Booking Fee (non refundable) is required for holidays. All boarding bookings are billed as booked, so please do not book extra days 'just in case'.

Grooming appointment no shows/late cancelation incur a $20 fee. Arriving more than 15 minutes late for grooming is considered 'no show' and may be rescheduled or performed as a work in and will incur a no show fee.

Grooming dogs checked in more than 1 hour before appointment or not picked up more than 2 hours after completion of service will incur daycare fees. See 'Grooming' tab above for more grooming related info. 

No dogs with bite history are allowed. All daycare dogs in play group must be spayed or neutered. No dogs with fleas allowed on premises, dogs found to have fleas will either be rejected at check in or immediately treated for fleas at the sole cost of pet owner. 

No females in heat period. All medical conditions/special needs must be disclosed at time of check in and medications brought in, that may be needed during the stay at the kennel. Kennel staff will administer oral and topical medications only. 

A signed service agreement and current vaccination certificates must be on file at time of service.